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‘…gonna have to go with wrath.’

hospital for rhetorical

A statue depicting the wrathful face of the Bhuddist Wisdom King Fudō Myōō. 'Serenity' is the more commonly known face of Bhuddism. (more...

Serenity is a widely known aspect of Bhuddism, but wrath also gets a fair shout (or at least a scowl) in Japanese art like this statue of Wisdom King Fudō Myōō. (more…)

Quizzed philosophically in mid-combat to name his sin, Joss Whedon’s character Malcolm Reynolds quips “Ah Hell… I’m a fan of all seven. But right now… I’m gonna have to go with wrath.” I’m with Mal on at least four of the classic collection, but I usually try to be not quite so much in touch with my inner wrath as the maverick captain.

Perhaps I used to do anger more easily than I do now. But while I may be short on heroism, I am increasingly appalled, if unsurprised, by what seems the calculating madness of more than a few politicos apparently in the ascendant. Yes, I am become ‘Narked of Brigadoon’ (if not simply ‘Fearful of Brigadoon’).

To get a better handle on my wrath, I thought I’d try to tune in to some of what the younger me – perhaps packing a more toothsome armoury of hormones – was ranting about.

Remarkably, I think some of it did still made some sense.
Here are a couple of blasts …