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Beech pennies tanned rust and ochre,
circles of sky cast in cold pressed leaf,
they do not always look the same,
though Brighty is damp almost all year
the pools are not always present.

I can look above and below,
but not at the same instant.
I must choose one plane,
breathe low and look kindly, and
fix each in focus, turn about.

This short circuit, a balanced cut-log bridge,
needle scent, fern and copper scale contours,
barely fifteen minutes to walk around, but
gently, surely, it all returns to ground.
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In the squall

CarrotI like the wood in the squall,
Because it does feel safe to me.
The wind swells the tree tops
As the tide heaves the surf.

Overhead branches creak,
Great trunks have already fallen.
I like the wood in the squall,
Although it does not feel safe to me.