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Under the bridge

imageOver time she has
Refined her definition.

Swerving channels
Creasing voids.

Elsewhere raised up
In lignum capillaries.

Quicksilver tresses
Gracing lichen knapped greys.

Growing seasons gone
Held fast as a bridge.

She is unphased by winter
Lying poised for spate.

Implicate Order

poems_implicateThe first Thursday in October is National Poetry Day in the United Kingdom. This year the theme is ‘Water, water everywhere’.  To join in, I’ve made a new sound piece with a poem I wrote around a quarter of a century ago.

‘Implicate Order’ was inspired by several sources: the ideas of physicist David Bohm; the ‘space fiction’ of Doris Lessing; and the sensual dance of water and landscape.

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Slippery when wet…

Another rainy day, with a side order of stair-rods, low cloud, and – oh-yes! – a wee bit more rain.  But this is Scotland, and a damp and soggy ticket is the price of entry.  Compensation comes on the days when the skies clear.  Global Warming may be drying the uplands – the bogs don’t seem as boggy as when I was a young ‘un – but yet not so much that there isn’t still green a-plenty gaze upon while wandering the wonders of Scotia’s highlands.

Today my wanderings were nearer sea level, and of a more cultural hue, as I encountered Aert at the Dundee Contemporary Art Centre.  ‘Infinite Jest’ is an interesting exhibition, made more so by a rainy-day lack of desire to rush about which found me with time to watch the accompanying short documentary, so I emerged informed as well as entertained.  But here’s a thing…

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