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A torrent of trees

An aerty review…

Unknown-1The Meffan in Forfar is a great wee gallery, they regularly have excellent and engaging shows of work by contemporary artists. Tansy Lee Moir’s current exhibition “Time around trees” however, is something very special. This is the work of an artist who coming into her own, bringing many strands of past experience and interests together with convincing skill. Trees become passionate presences in Tansy Lee Moir’s drawings as she combines nature, sculpture and dance to deliver striking renderings of the arboreal made corporeal.

Some works are reminiscent of the sinews of dancers moving under fabric, others suggest the passage of an alternative measure of time, where trees are revealed dynamic and alive with tension and force: powerful creatures in fluid motion. Tree as living body, tree as river, tree as dramatic costume, tree as palimpsest.


Burred Oak (Dalkeith)
by Tansy Lee Moir

Yes, I do love trees, and for a long time I have tried to photograph what it was that fascinates me about them. I found much of that brought into clear focus here – and executed with that apparently enviable ease which can only be the product of long and sustained effort made good.  And made better by a well planned collection, well lit, and well shown – so congratulations are due to those involved in every area.

If you love trees, or dance, or water (think Derges ‘Liquid From’), or sculpture, or draftsmanship, you should see this show. Quite simply – unmissable.

Time around trees” by Tansy Lee Moir is at the Meffan in Forfar until 1st November 2014.