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Stop Making Sense!

Stop Making Sense! website poster image

Stop Making Sense! is a poetry project I’ve just finished making in collaboration with talented poet and performer Kirsten Luckins, enigmatic yet irrepressible artist Logan Hanbury and others. It’s a small contribution to one of StAnza International Poetry Festival’s 2021 themes – ‘No Rhyme nor Reason’.

Stop Making Sense! is a website with light-hearted activities spinning a dizzy birl around the fraying threads of poetry and not making too much sense at all. There’s a collection of contributed nonsense to rummage about in (and contribute to) plus – it’s entirely FREE and anyone can join in, without actually having to go out!

Thanks to those worthy souls who’ve already contributed a verse.

Have a look, have a go, but most of all, have a laugh!


Vote! Vote! Vote!

BTo my delight and surprise, I’m once again shortlisted in Stanza’s Digital Slam.

My entry this year is a reading of ‘Butterfly Mind in Blue’. The poem was partly inspired by an amazing specimen in the Bell Pettigrew Museum in St Andrews, but, of course, it is about more than that.

You can see all the entries and vote here (‘Butterfly Mind in Blue’ is number 9!)

If you feel compelled to tell every person you know to drop in and vote, who am I to stop you ?!