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Very pleased to have ‘Struck’ published at the Poetry Shed. 

This one was inspired by an object shown to me many years ago by the very knowledgable Sandy Edwards, who was curator of the Bell Pettigrew Natural History Museum at the time. Since then I have (amongst other things!) spent many years being fortunate enough to do ‘media odd jobs’ for researchers involved in studying the scope and meaning of sounds made by marine mammals. My knowledge of what they do is slight, but I continue to find what they discover remarkable and inspiring.


Implicate Order

poems_implicateThe first Thursday in October is National Poetry Day in the United Kingdom. This year the theme is ‘Water, water everywhere’.  To join in, I’ve made a new sound piece with a poem I wrote around a quarter of a century ago.

‘Implicate Order’ was inspired by several sources: the ideas of physicist David Bohm; the ‘space fiction’ of Doris Lessing; and the sensual dance of water and landscape.

You can listen to the piece , and read the text below. Continue reading