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What good is awe?

Inspired by a short piece in New Scientist about the work of Paul Piff at the University of California.

What good is awe?

imageWhat good is awe?
Not the fluffy kitty kind,
or a super sized awe-some
superlative inflated
from good old good.
But The Real McCoy
the visceral mountain,
the vista of tears,
fear inducing scale,
time defying strength,
that neither knows nor cares
standing and wobbling slightly
in the face of raw unflinching eternity.

What good is that?

Turns out you are not
quite what you were,

Unless you are a Bonaparte,
perspective shifts.
You shrink –
a little.

There is less visible you
while at the same time
you grow –
a little.

And at least for a twinkle you
can out step your own eclipse,
be quicker to lend a hand,
find more time for the rest,
and see, and hear, and help –
a little.

More than
good, that’s