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voyager(Heliopause 4)

On a breaking black beach
Magnetic waves froth to meet
The doldrum of the stopping solar wind,
Almost stilled through terminal shock.
And unsheathed turbulent energies
Bubble as our ships pass,
A long long way
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Heliopause 2: A three tap toast

IMG_1182[vernal equinox, northern hemisphere]

The yule has turned
A quarter past
To this three-sixtyfived,
White spring equinox,
And six legged we two
Walk once again the path to
Carrot cairn.

At the first of three
I bid the silent tree
A fingerpost toast,
A triple tap:

For my quickened feet that
Bring me here and wander yet,
For living loved in hope,
For absent friends alive
As mind’s moment.

Angled canine brows
Question my ritual:
C’mon then, let’s go!