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old post

windstream whittled

boundary lines surrendered

sculpture on the way





A parcel of light

Familiar hills.

Windswept spinal path. Spring ice.

A parcel of light.

a-parcel-of-light_2‘A parcel of light’ is a wee photobook about home hills (Angus, Scotland) I made a while ago for a friend who died recently.

Blurb prices always end up being a bit silly, but you can see the whole book preview online for free.

Authors profits will go to the Scottish Search and Rescue Dogs Association (SARDA Scotland at www.sarda-scotland.org) – or if you enjoy the book preview but don’t want to buy a book, you could just give SARDA Scotland a donation online yourself – there’s a link on their website.

Book at: http://blur.by/133sA8T