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Desire Lines – getting there somehow!

desire-lines-web-16Back in May I wrote about how I’d been trying to think of a way to combine a small collection of poems and images in a printed form other than a book.  As I have a longstanding love of maps, and as the pieces I’ve been making are in a sense fragments of a kind of journey, the result was the chart project I’ve called “Desire Lines”.
I’m terrible for making my mind up – and I enjoy both working in visual media and writing. Consequently both poetry and photographs (or digital montages) are integral to the work I’ve been sharing on this blog.
desire-lines-web-1 (1)Placing words and images together can risk diluting the impact of both – I hope this hasn’t been the case here. Together the images and the poems collected in “Desire Lines” represent a series of observations made on my own random survey of the in-between, hence – an ‘interstitial chart’.
It’s taken a while to get the project to the next stage, but “Desire Lines” is now at the printers, proofed and ready to go … and will be coming shortly to an online store near you!

Desire Lines – mock up

desire-lines-web-1 (1)

“Desire Lines: an interstitial chart” is a project I’ve been working on that combines design, poems and images – including several from this blog – in the form of a large paper chart or map.

The map itself is a kind journey or rendered songline of encountered moments. The piece will be made folded down similar to a walker’s map – like UK Ordnance Survey maps.

The mock up video below was for the printer to show how I imagined the map might fold – it’s only an A4 sheet of paper so very tiny! (the actual chart is going to be A1).

I’m hoping that “Desire Lines” will be for sale soon, so if you think you might be interested in having a copy, or maybe giving a copy as a present – watch this space!  There are some other tasters here.

If any fellow bloggers feel inclined to share this to their followers –
please do!