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Essential labels

perfume maker's organ

Somewhere in the back of my mind, were the wonders of the ‘perfume maker’s organ’ – like this magnificent and rare specimen at the Palazzo Mocenigo Museum in Venice.

Something a little different – a series of seven ‘photo-label-poems’.

These are a light hearted response to an invitation from my brother-in-law to take part in a seven day ‘nature image’ photography challenge.

I decided to combine my response with a small collection of old laboratory bottles loaned from a colleague at work, and with some [very] short poems responding to each image, in the form of a label…


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Spring forward

2014-03-23 at 15-44-28Like an unwelcome guest,
the dark has over lingered in
nights red-eyed and raw knuckled,
by grinding iterations of hard worked dreams.

Yet there were the pinks of the winter dusk,
and the ice flints of the night sky,
the shifting aerial caresses of radiant chiffon,
a midday moonset shouldered above Corrie Winter,
cloud-backed blue tangible on high distant snow.
All screened through a season’s steadfast shadows.

But now an end at last, at last an end to waiting.
Now quickly we will go, now we will be going.
Now step at last, stepping forward, stepping out.
Stepping out at last, to greet this sudden longer light!




UK clocks go forward one hour in the last weekend of March.
In Scotland the days can suddenly seem noticeably longer.