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Time capsule

timecapsuleThere’s a radio show where
Guests read their teenage diaries,
And laugh and cringe and ponder
What wise pearls or encouragement
They might offer their younger self.

Of course travelling to yesterday
Is always only an imagined journey,
There are no tickets to take you there.
But without a Wellsian flickershow,
We still pace time’s other arrow.

At fiftyish now, what might
I put in a time capsule, a stoppered note,
Or a cheery easter egg hidden away,
To travel forwards down the path,
And surprise a me at seventy-five?

At first I am quite stumped.
Don’t think I’ll want to wallow in sentiment,
Or slump in a nostalgia of best before.
A family man might know where his
Highest hopes would lie, but not I.

So what would I say, to me?
I am at a sudden loss.
What if I don’t remember much?
What if I no longer care?
What if the days have not gone well?

Then I consider – here if anywhere,
I must surely know what might
Raise a reluctant smile,
After all, there’s a lifetime in common –
Or at least, we have had so far.