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Beech pools

Inquisitions of rain discover
Cusps in Brighty’s surface.

Shallow lacunae warmed
By fallen silks of beech.





visual_verse_logoA short poem at Visual Verse

“Pose set, yet as yet not unbalanced,
A mill swung pivot hinting coy.”

…you can read the whole poem (and others from the same prompt) here…






Under the bridge

imageOver time she has
Refined her definition.

Swerving channels
Creasing voids.

Elsewhere raised up
In lignum capillaries.

Quicksilver tresses
Gracing lichen knapped greys.

Growing seasons gone
Held fast as a bridge.

She is unphased by winter
Lying poised for spate.

vital capacity : residual volume

A poem that’s a ratio – a first for me! Layout was also part of this one, so it worked best as a picture. You can click on the image for a larger view. (In case you’re using a text reader the plain text is also given below.)vital-capacity-residual-volume
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A torrent of trees

An aerty review…

Unknown-1The Meffan in Forfar is a great wee gallery, they regularly have excellent and engaging shows of work by contemporary artists. Tansy Lee Moir’s current exhibition “Time around trees” however, is something very special. This is the work of an artist who coming into her own, bringing many strands of past experience and interests together with convincing skill. Trees become passionate presences in Tansy Lee Moir’s drawings as she combines nature, sculpture and dance to deliver striking renderings of the arboreal made corporeal.

Some works are reminiscent of the sinews of dancers moving under fabric, others suggest the passage of an alternative measure of time, where trees are revealed dynamic and alive with tension and force: powerful creatures in fluid motion. Tree as living body, tree as river, tree as dramatic costume, tree as palimpsest.


Burred Oak (Dalkeith)
by Tansy Lee Moir

Yes, I do love trees, and for a long time I have tried to photograph what it was that fascinates me about them. I found much of that brought into clear focus here – and executed with that apparently enviable ease which can only be the product of long and sustained effort made good.  And made better by a well planned collection, well lit, and well shown – so congratulations are due to those involved in every area.

If you love trees, or dance, or water (think Derges ‘Liquid From’), or sculpture, or draftsmanship, you should see this show. Quite simply – unmissable.

Time around trees” by Tansy Lee Moir is at the Meffan in Forfar until 1st November 2014.






Brandy nip.

P1010567 P1010570 P1010573

Un-busy my mind.
Spike these scattered thoughts
With heedless tranquility.

I will consume your silence
And drink your stillness,
As cool water on a hilltop.

Sheep, grouse, bee,
All go-back go-back to quiet,
In a windless Indian heat.

I am impaled by you, felled
Between humid vapours
and your shining face.

Pinch me awake.
I am a moth transfixed,
Drawn and ordered still.






‘Trailing shock’ (manipulated shadowgraph: supersonic bullet)

An impolite smattering of applause
Marks Barry Buddon’s most recent rehearsal.
So many rounds rapid sound surprisingly
Rounded. A lustily ripping rolling wave.

The unseen squad fires and resounds,
Oddly as a remembered sail spilling wind,
But cutting it far too close now,
We’re almost caught in irons.

Under the Tay’s sequinned shift,
Two hundred summer dolphins
Whistle ultrasonic, torpedoing
Scaled echoes for three squares.

While above the armoured submarine jetsam
Stashed in Tentsmuir’s sands,
Tales tell on a spittal-white sling of sail.
Time to come about.