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Yellow Rose


My third colour poem makes the triad of painter’s primaries. It takes its starting point from a lively tune I remember from the radio when I was a small boy. Of course I didn’t know then that the origins of the song went back over a hundred years earlier, or what the lyrics were about. Continue reading

Wishing well

wishing wellWishing well slept. An improbable imposition,
Like pages scattered in random sequence,
Watershed canopy rendered out of all proportion,
A Britains miniature recast at extraordinary scale.

By the rim an old stone frog with pitted green paint,
Flecking to an undetermined undercoat,
Has squatted here since before we came,
Belching a silent gag at no one’s expense.

A wide mouthed pipe burrows below
The unfinished circumference of wellness.
A shoulder wide passage for some lucky pitch,
The broad tube dives beneath, then L-bends away.

To where today’s boundary wall has interfered,
Slit through this story-map garden Realm, so
Jewelled grains of sunlight carom back up the duct,
Broadcasting rumours of perpendicular egress.




vital capacity : residual volume

A poem that’s a ratio – a first for me! Layout was also part of this one, so it worked best as a picture. You can click on the image for a larger view. (In case you’re using a text reader the plain text is also given below.)vital-capacity-residual-volume
Continue reading

Taurus in the Mist

In reporting following the tragic death of Robin Williams the expression ‘battling’ has cropped up quite a lot in media shorthand.  I don’t personally think that depression feels like ‘battling’. It’s not a particularly helpful metaphor for people suffering from serious illnesses, or for those who are near them in their efforts to understand or to give support. Depression in particular is not like an enemy that can be defeated. The ill are not in a war, and when we are not well, we don’t need drill sergeants – we need patience. Continue reading