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Spring remembered at the changing of the clocks

spring-air-2A small plane eases set square perpendicular,

Skylarks bob and descant chorus,

Gorse spikes buttery by the broom’s lemon yellow,

Sun hazed scenting coconut,

Save these richer, richest, riches –

Keep safe this warmer wealth of light.





RI know you, painter.
I know you want to touch me,
To peel me from the palette,
To draw me over your canvas.
To brush me into balanced space.
But do you know me?

You saw me first before the world.
Hue of phrase and proverb,
Never a shade faint of heart.
Take care of me.
I am victory. I am defeat.
And I am coloured certain.

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The Divvy

Pneumatic Capsule

Thanks to Pathlost for use of this image.

An end-stop announcement.
A thwumping air-cushioned arrival,
Buffered by more constant background hiss.

In my internal bakery Bread Street
Remains an imagined sliced-pan provider,
An avenue of the jeelie piece perhaps,
But it was also where we would queue.

St Cuthbert took, but gave a little back,
Before loyalty was carded, or
Nectar rendered accountable,
There was The Dividend.

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Nose twister

The honeybees like your nasturtiums in the heat

Vermillion smoked hedge green vibrato

A saturated skirt of husky colour

Promising the throaty thrill of gorgeous nectar.

The food of the gods,

Disgorged, in exchange

For the buzz of

Symbiotic sex.




Tropaeolum commonly known as nasturtium (literally ‘nose-twister’ or ‘nose-tweaker’)