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Old dog standing

Old dog standing

You’re an old dog now, no mistake.
Titanic as you weigh anchor to embark
from under the table, your safe-harbour
day-bed, out on to the linoleum sea.

The idea of standing is there
but between your back feet cross
caught napping, and front feet
skiting wide like a novice pond skater,

it takes time and struggle for the plan
to swim. Trying to float, confusion flaps
behind the George Clooney gaze,
signals flag a drift cast slightly all-at-sea.

Until at last you stand four-square
floor-launched to general relief,
we all tracked your slipway staggers,
familiar waters met though bearings lost.


old post

windstream whittled

boundary lines surrendered

sculpture on the way





Cracking it.

evernote-camera-roll-20160910-215921She sighs off the boulder wall.
Randomise, resequence and replace.
Shoulder, hand, heel.  Shelf, stretch.  Step, toe, jam.


Old plastic puzzle pieces itchy to fit,
An unpacked jacket tangram Tetris in a gale,
Chalk cat’s game, reset and go again.


Tumbled down red mat recombinations,
A solid grace neatly reabsorbed,
Fingers sounding mumbled alterations.


Incredible all-at-once, do-it-now obvious,
The Tower of Hanoi’s hop skip traverse,
Arms unfankled into two warm sleeves.





Telling Time

It’s been quite a long time since I first read a poem to a ‘live’ audience. A few years in fact. Last week I got around to standing up in front of a small group of people in a (fairly) public space again.  The occasion was an ‘echo’ event at DCA where people were responding to an exhibition of the unusual slow animations of the artists IC-98. My poem tries to do it’s own explaining, so, I think I’ll just let it…

In response to an exhibition of work by IC-98. Dundee, January 2016. Continue reading


ellipis blinterBetween Tolmount and a hidden line,
I measure an unmarked phrasing of
Moor enfolded in highland sky,
Punctuating the alban laid,
As slow as still, but not quite.

Three hares birl a bonny dancer’s arc,
Lofting at an uncertain range to
Gaze unfazed through spindrift blinter.
They outflank my wallows with
Feral graces as quick as magic.

From waypoint stone to snow moled mark,
Steady as a better man’s faith,
I will hold my bearing true.
I will dot-n-dot-n-dot this beloved in-between,
Until the passage returns to ground.

vital capacity : residual volume

A poem that’s a ratio – a first for me! Layout was also part of this one, so it worked best as a picture. You can click on the image for a larger view. (In case you’re using a text reader the plain text is also given below.)vital-capacity-residual-volume
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Taurus in the Mist

In reporting following the tragic death of Robin Williams the expression ‘battling’ has cropped up quite a lot in media shorthand.  I don’t personally think that depression feels like ‘battling’. It’s not a particularly helpful metaphor for people suffering from serious illnesses, or for those who are near them in their efforts to understand or to give support. Depression in particular is not like an enemy that can be defeated. The ill are not in a war, and when we are not well, we don’t need drill sergeants – we need patience. Continue reading