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Now there is a wire

Now there is a wire

~~ So there is a wire now. ~~ Step back, rethink. ~~ Now there is a wire. ~~
Before, for thirty years,
there were only posts.
Posts with old tales
of once-upon-a-fence.

Like the empty posts
in empty places,
high lines in the hills,
cast iron sentinels in
Victorian picturesque,
secure verticals
of redundant limitation.

Or eroded wooden
posts, wind riven
Giacometti men,
weird signs or saviours,
misty day markers,
wires all unstrung,
silent to the gale.

But here now,
a single wire,
not even barbed,
a margin for stock
herded to pasture,
one galvanised line,
not a problem,
stepped over with ease.

Is it only because,
white haired as I am,
I still want to skip
like an unruly child,
that it rankles so,
now there is a wire?


SciArt ‘Embodied’ Interview


SciArt Magazine has published an interview I did following up on my work in the recent ‘Embodied‘ exhibit. They had some hard questions!

More here…



Desire Lines – mock up

desire-lines-web-1 (1)

“Desire Lines: an interstitial chart” is a project I’ve been working on that combines design, poems and images – including several from this blog – in the form of a large paper chart or map.

The map itself is a kind journey or rendered songline of encountered moments. The piece will be made folded down similar to a walker’s map – like UK Ordnance Survey maps.

The mock up video below was for the printer to show how I imagined the map might fold – it’s only an A4 sheet of paper so very tiny! (the actual chart is going to be A1).

I’m hoping that “Desire Lines” will be for sale soon, so if you think you might be interested in having a copy, or maybe giving a copy as a present – watch this space!  There are some other tasters here.

If any fellow bloggers feel inclined to share this to their followers –
please do!



Polaroid re-touch


Concealed pieces of silver betrayed
By salted entanglements,
Latent halides in amber re-integrated,
Fractions condensed through light’s limbec,
Recast as memory made tangible.

A past just lost eased back
Before our breathless gaze,
Re-entering over several steady beats,
A moving drama gradually resolved,
The sensuous rendering of stillness from life.

Broad based old white encapsulations,
Air wafted hand held pleasures,
Frames to form icons for digital imaginations,
Land’s analogue instant development,
More and less than either true or false.

Dark Arts?

David Mach: Commando comic inspired art.

David Mach: Commando comic inspired art.

A short review (just for a change).

The Lamb Gallery in the Tower Building at Dundee University is an odd wee place. It’s not so much a room as a thoroughfare caught between fire doors and a lift. Into this are crammed a hotchpotch of old display cases which look like they perhaps could neither be found storage space nor be safely converted to shower cabinets or fishtanks, and so were filed here.  Adding to the mix are some fiercely grim track lights primed with an array of distinctly low calibre econo-bulbs. (Keep going … this gets cheerier soon!)

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