Salt offering

Thursday 8 October 2015 is National Poetry Day in the UK. Have a great day, and find time to read a poem or two, listen to a reading, write a poem, or share a verse you love!


8581949071_6d0776469e_zSalt offering

Scaling a rising gradient
in ambiguous steps,
My peak conceals
a telescope gaze reversed.

Above this cairn caw
crack spirits lindy-hop on air.

I will lose some cheese-and-onion crumbs
and call it kindness,
A hedging trade for their stand-up –
just in case.

Atmospheric subtleties
so easily obscure,
Intent, to
make uncertain lies.

Not so much
from afar.
Not so much,

But in between
there are many awkward ranges.

‘Mountains scare me,’
you once said.
‘They are so big,
and I feel so small.’

‘Don’t they scare you?’
And I smiled, and then I answered.




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