Just a bit finger tap twitchy,
Itchy while waiting to start,
Like sweat dried on skin.

The bags are packed,
The gear’s all ready set, but
It’s still too early yet, to go.

I’ve seen you this morning,
And will again as we, eat
Something and drink our tea.

But for now I’ve filed myself here,
To look at this and pick up that,
And wonder – should I take this too?

Knowing if I do, I’ll not look at it.
An hour or less, and then it will be time,
Hesitancy waved away in motion.

Competence will recocoon these
Flittery butterflies with recollections:
Really I can, usually I do.

But for now, I’ll worry the clock
To stutter one more turn around.
And I’ll sit, and stand, and sit again.




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