Only the box

P1030342Last century in now vacated places,
An antarctic beam captures sheets
Clamped flat upon a glass bed.

Vogue-defying resolution renders
An incorruptible analog
Of their paper thin souls.

Save. Spin down. Pack.

Technological dementia randomly disconnects
Those hoped for analogue revelations
High in the hinterland of my office shelf.

Scrawled red marker on the lid
Of the old copy-paper box,
Mocks the antediluvian backups within.

Fade to black. Pause. Fade back.

Hidden in plain view on the alto plano,
Lossless platters of ephemera
Meet a hard unreadable truth.

Sometimes now I also come unstuck,
Gummed like an antique gloy
Losing its hold on childhood artifice.




Partly inspired by Vint Cerf’s recent speech at AAAS.
Seems to have been a bit of a theme for me (…QR y3k , Playback)!

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