Wishing well

wishing wellWishing well slept. An improbable imposition,
Like pages scattered in random sequence,
Watershed canopy rendered out of all proportion,
A Britains miniature recast at extraordinary scale.

By the rim an old stone frog with pitted green paint,
Flecking to an undetermined undercoat,
Has squatted here since before we came,
Belching a silent gag at no one’s expense.

A wide mouthed pipe burrows below
The unfinished circumference of wellness.
A shoulder wide passage for some lucky pitch,
The broad tube dives beneath, then L-bends away.

To where today’s boundary wall has interfered,
Slit through this story-map garden Realm, so
Jewelled grains of sunlight carom back up the duct,
Broadcasting rumours of perpendicular egress.




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