vital capacity : residual volume

A poem that’s a ratio – a first for me! Layout was also part of this one, so it worked best as a picture. You can click on the image for a larger view. (In case you’re using a text reader the plain text is also given below.)vital-capacity-residual-volume

vital capacity : residual volume

To the corrie.
Ok, but that’s it,
Landscapes as maybe, but
It’s Ansel off a white-out now,
We’re nae sae weel, you know.
But have a cuppa,
Have a bite,
See it’s letting off.
Just donder over the alveolar floor,
Meander this clumpit moraine.
Climb just a wee step more,
Let’s bother you windbags a bitty,
Further up, further out, further in.
A loud breath.

Up to the falls,
And really, that’s it,
Skyscraped strepsil sooked,
For it’s looking wilder ahead,
Up there towards my lumpit pal.
There’s the lack of fitness,
And an excess of climate,
And the dwindling of the day.
And there’s that other man,
Who grew back aways duller,
And wiser, and discretely kinder.
Sparking for a selfish valour,
Almost at ease, the better part.
A quiet laugh.




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