playbackBreaking news. Cutting edge.
Fresh baked in the Twentieth, McLuhan hot.
It’s all azimuth to time based zig-zags,
Sweeping by that steadfast capstan, my capstan.

Family firsts, domestic rocketry, wife, child, bike, dog.
Ephemera encoded in field fluxions of
All those analogue ages.
All our yesterdays EM waved goodbye.

I, a whirring behemoth, still know,
With a metal and rubber intimacy
Of pinch-rolled, tape-laced and spindled automation,
How to play back these memories.

Before their weary dipoles swoon
Transported in entropy’s relaxed embrace.
Chaotic ribbons of knotted linear beta
Falling fankled beyond decryption.

For now this machine knows,
But no one will make another.




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