Butterfly mind in blue

BI am swallowed by your impossible blue.
A jinking pulse of light caged in iridescence.
Papilio ulysses:
I learn your name, and I am lost again.
An ancient voyager sans portolan or chart,
Adrift between a dozen similar archipelagoes:
More namesakes than charades might mime
A poem, a book, a film, commander and vessel both.

‘Physics? Is that a good idea? You have a butterfly mind.’

Back, to drown once more in cerulean you.
Colour as deep as a navel sink piercing pacific aquamarines.
Feminine azure.  Alluring, pulsing, polar blue: a magnetic Penelope.
Is a hurricane winged across the world in the chaos
Of cyanophillic flickering that quickens your suitors’ hearts?
Minding them to perch on any shoe or hat or desert island mote,
As long as it is has that kick, that hue, that oh-so longed-for blue.

Smarting at seventeen: a tangential truth at fifty.

In six months or much less, you spanned a life.
Before you were fixed and pinned,
A swallow-tailed datum of mountain colour, while,
On a synchronous fugue of two hundred days flight,
A true swallow lived and slept only aloft:
Adrift without landfall, dipping and twisting
A wayward odyssey from chilly northern squalls.
Dissolved in air, immersed by day and by night,
Condensed from super-saturated skies, turned as you,
On primaries born to pure and elemental blue.



The Ulysses butterfly (Papilio ulysses), also known as the Blue Mountain Butterfly or the Blue Mountain Swallowtail, is a large swallowtail butterfly, endemic to Australasia.



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