Implicate Order

poems_implicateThe first Thursday in October is National Poetry Day in the United Kingdom. This year the theme is ‘Water, water everywhere’.  To join in, I’ve made a new sound piece with a poem I wrote around a quarter of a century ago.

‘Implicate Order’ was inspired by several sources: the ideas of physicist David Bohm; the ‘space fiction’ of Doris Lessing; and the sensual dance of water and landscape.

You can listen to the piece , and read the text below.

audio credits

Implicate order

(from ‘Backlight’)

Skyfallen specks
Pooling their bodies
Upon eccentric surfaces,
Will idle a while as
Tarn, lochan, and lagoon,
Wetting arid contours,
Learning the lie.

Until stored desires overbrim
Pouring valley seeking rivulets
From swollen highland hollows,
Force is mass accelerant:
Potential turns to speed.

Cheeky wee burns fell trickle tender,
Over, between, across, below.
Shouldering the knobbly nape
Floodgap elbowing,
Whersoever flowing
To answer the call.

Here fast river fingering pushes down the channel,
Here steady canaling backwater deep,
Here broadstroke slow rounding meanders,
Here quick circle eddies, tickle smoothstone grind.

All gully coursing on,
Through tight and sudden narrows,
Then sprayfall free, and salt swept away,
By unexpected lunar orbit,
Sea, sun, and sky once more.

All indifferent artless flux,
Free of comprehension,
Heartfelt music,
Water, blood, spirit,
Dances of necessity.

audio credits:
Water sound samples from freesound:
skiersailor, castleofsamples, cajo, soundman9826, owl
Voice & Mix ©Steve Smart 2013

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