The Chuck Wagon

Chuck Wagon crossing The Great Scots Pine

Chuck Wagon crossing
The Great Scots Pine

My old car decayed gradually.
Bits became loose,
It gained character.
Small plants sprouted, shoots appeared under wipers.

But it still went from A
to B. And it still started,
An ordinary beast, without airs.

One day a tree fell.
A hundred and or more feet of pine,
Carved a shark bite arc from the bonnet
And pinned the suspension to the ground.

A chainsaw released the fallen trunk.
It took two of us to to roll it clear
To reveal the full extent of the damage.
Even the windscreen foliage was flattened.

Written off, it was a couple of weeks until the
Low loader appeared to remove the remains.
Tricky access, thought we’d see if it could help itself
Begin the last journey.

Key turned. – First time.  – Into gear, brakes released,
Steering turned through three points to mount the loader’s skids.
Under its own power, no questions asked,
Crushed, but undefeated.

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