IMG_5292Still experimenting with work for the ‘subjects, objects, verbs’ photo-poetry project – albeit at a glacial pace!

Here are two draft layouts about Bob Leeson (click images to enlarge). Working towards somewhere with these, but not sure where I’m heading yet..!

The poem in the second layout is titled ‘Klein’ and the text of this is also included below.




I tripped over you
On my way to other words.
Pointing over paper columns
My fingers strayed in an
Open meadow of
Weirdly growing seeds.

There must be minds who
Like Mercators can,
Pivot and traverse
Your contours’ sinuosities.
Perhaps I have
Even met them,
Missed and unknown,
You could be in there
No projection of dimension,
A living, sprouting thought.

What places, aye,
And which is stranger –
The burrowing of the bottle,
Or the brane warping into
Such a brain?

My son grew around
Another year before
In Californian rediscovery
He held you,
A glass blower’s
Escher nightmare,
Or sand smelted fantasy,
A litteral translation,
A hand grown,
Bulb blown
Spiral, spun
From the weird.

Nice he remembered
The OM’s notion,
And counter-rotated it
Back to the origin.
To vouchsafe
Grins delineated
Around the supple
Curving strangenesses,
Mutterings of those corners
That may be yet
Be turned.

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