Torch song

Blundering in the dark, toes might be stubbed,
You might trip, or tread upon quiet creatures unseen,
Or, in the speckle of your blearing un-adapted gaze,
A patient assailant may silently stand by.

torch songThen sudden remembrance
Brings deus ex machina to
Blaze away your ancient fear.
Potter magicked from your pocket,
A mobile wand of distant noises,
Fumbled out and fingered alight.


The spell breaks forth the world upon the night,
And glorious information spills bright dawn, so
Dazzled irises shrink before this sudden summer,
Now quickly turned to un-stop the way that lies ahead.

The image of that most loved pet,
Held away and aloft to sniff a path
To keylight and permit the domestic fit of
Brassy yale to metal lock, the snick click
Twisting intimacy of coming home at last.

Or perhaps a leaking web of a thousand million lies
The smokescreens and deceits of politicos and spies,
Now held low unread to spotlight questing hop step lifting feet,
Mumbling to that longed for seat beside the beloved,
Past a multiplex of squinted knees.

Or maybe a bib-and-tucker system smartly
Poised for digit jabbed operating commands,
Heaved-to and set about, hovered search-and-rescue for
That overboarded treasure missing in the swelling black.
Lost in startled panic with a sudden clumsy drop.
Where did it go? Where is it now?
Be careful where you step!

All the information and all the doing,
All the data and the done,
All the knowledge and the knowing,
All converted and ignored.

All the noise and all the signals,
All the colours and the rays,
Once fragmented, now collated,
Prismed to an integrated sum.

Show a message to the darkness.
Hold the mirror turned about.
Make a light to light dark places,
“When all other lights go out.”




Written in response to a remark by Kat Austen:
What is the symbolism of using your smartphone screen as a torch?


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