Wallis’s geodetic pattern
amalgamated with remote peat,
each numbered sigma-section piece
rolled and swept unique,
by a shop-floor genius.


Another sky, another night:
Dodging the cone’s entrapment
two unexpected fragments of light on
opposite sides of a cloth sheath,
show the track of flak

They liberate
inconsequential draughts,
small unheard gasps,
sirens of turbulence.


Other air, other stars:
only the tail gunner survived
this sudden component entropy
of fiery impacted parting.

Aided by an ad hoc airdrop:
fags, matches, map, and an
aerial gesture showing the
path of flight to life,
his terrestrial escape to possibility.


Parts melted,
parts corroded,
parts broken,
parts still shining chromium steel.

Parts removed,
parts left behind,
parts forgotten,
parts unknown.

Moving parts,
alloyed with moorland,
interlacing earth and air,
slowly changing, but
always stilled.

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