Digital Dust


Oh how I long for some
Digital dust.
An aspirational application
restoring the kindesses of time
to all these frozen fragments
Of artistry, stranded
Still in binary data.

The grain failing,
the contrast fading,
the sibilance of hissing silences,
the corners creased,
and dog eared.

Restored to eternity,
changing and uncertain,
with each transient click,
a little change,
a telomere stripped here
a thread bared there
Memories of wear.

Let them, oh let them all
grow old.
Let the letters age,
The backgrounds yellow.
Let them weary, please
let the years condemn.

Let potentials decay in
hesitations of certainty.
Neither one, nor nowt
only either and
somewhere in between.
A crusty sprinkling of
Analogue uncertainties,
No fixed points
In changing times,
Just a liberal dusting
of digital doubt.

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Steve Smart is a poet and visual artist who also has experience in information design. View all posts by stevedsmart

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